Yo~ so loooooong time no update here~ well, I'm too lazy to update here~ well, I say Goodbye to fandom HEY!SAY!JUMP and B.A.P~ I just concern to manga and anime aahh also cosplay~ ba dum tsss I just want to say this haha~ じゃねー!


November Rain

Today, the sun didn't appear just because the day was crying all day off. All I can do is just hibernating like a bear in my room while fangirling in front of my notebook. Oh well, I'm talking about nothing haha XD yeah! it's too late to say that my Magic Power had been arrived. YEY! But my OVER LE 2 haven't arrived yet due to the person in Japan forgot to sent it to me. oh, I'm waiting for it! :3

Well well, I finished watching Natsume Yuujinchou and Natsume Yuujinchou San. I just knew that there was an anime for this manga. I read this manga when I was still in Senior High School grade 2 (eh maybe 1 etto.. maybe 3? I forgot =_=a) okay forget it! XD This anime reminds me about myself. Natsume Takashi-san is the main character of it. He can see anything that people can't see. Well, sometimes, I see unearthly thing that Takashi-san see. By watching this anime, I can understand that unearthly thing will not bother us (human) if we do not bother them and I think I became more braver after I watch this anime. hehe.

Miyazawa Sae is my new idol. Yeah, I see Yuto in her. She is very cheerful and hey, she is Leo (born on August 13). haha. I don't know why I'm always interested with Leo (Nakajima Yuto and Miyazawa Sae ah also myself lol XD). I feel like they are what I'm looking for as a friend or more than just a friend. haha lol. I'm not good with social.

Nothing special happens to me. hmm I'm bored. I want to go to a place where I can do everything I want. argh! my head... *headache* =_=" I feel alone. Alone is a pain. Alone is the situation I want to forget the most. I don't want people ignore me. Why people ignore me? and what on earth am I talking about now? okay, owari.


A Fansign for Morimoto Ryutaro

That's all I can say! Ryuu, I miss you dear~ we all miss you very much. So, please comeback soon my dear Morimoto Ryutaro. :)



Good Morning people! How's life? :D So seldom to see me updating my blog in the morning like this. haha. I just want to kill my precious time before I go to campus. Okay, I'm gonna explain about Ouran.

Ouran High School Host Club Live Action has been ended yo! OMG! WHY SO SHORT? I want to see Daito Shunsuke and Yudai Chiba more and more and more and moooooooorrreee!!! XD talking about Daito and Chiba (Kyoya and Honey-senpai), I support them -their relationship- (?) XD They are a cute-perfect-sexy couple (in ouran drama)!!! OMG!!! what the heck am I talking about??? ASDFGHJKL Let's see the PRECIOUS MOMENTS of these two.

I took the picture above from Ouran Koukou Live Action Ep. 9. OMG!!! HONEY-SENPAI IS SO CUTE WITH A COOL BOY BESIDE HIM!!!!
Seroiusly!!! I just can't get enough!!!!! <~ Black Eyed Peas song lol XD
Okay, I just realized that I've saved so many photos of these two. ukh! I'm sorry Nakajima Yuto (?) lol XDD by the way, I like Daito as Kirishima in Crows Zero especially his hair!!! OMG!!! BUT YEAH I LIKE DAITO AS KYOYA OOTORI!!! XDD

Is it just me or I see Chinen Yuuri in Chiba Yudai or I see Chiba Yudai in Chinen Yuuri? IDK. The thing I know is CHIBA YUDAI IS CHOU KAWAII!!! OMG!!! He was born on 1989, for the sake of what??? Oh my! when I saw him for the first time, I thought that he was an elementary school boy or a high school boy but my expectations were totally wrong!!! He is 22 years old now (2011). OMG!!! Oh Chiba, forever a teenager!!! XD

Hey! You know what? I'm a fan of Yuya Matsushita now. He is super duper multi-talented. He can singing, dancing, acting, doing rap, and yeaahhh his face is good looking, cool, handsome, cute, chubby, anime face (?) asdfghjkl~ I adore him!!! Seriously!!! He is very very very very very awesome, I think! XD His songs are easy listening and great. What about his dance? AWESOME YOH!!! His live performances make me dokidoki XD here a photo of Yuya Matshusita.


Okay, enough for today. See you later yo~ ^^/


Thank You ~僕たちから君~ Cover Song

LOL. I tried to cover Thank You ~僕たちから君~ song from Hey!Say!JUMP. It sucks! haha /rotf If you don't mind to listen to it, just click the link below
Thanks. :D


Happy 4th Year Anniversary Hey!Say!JUMP !!!

Yosha! Today is JUMP 4th anniversary yo~ Omedetou JUMP! :D I hope Ryuu will come back soon as Hey!Say!JUMP member FOR SURE!!! I MISS YOU MY HAMSTER RYUU!!! XD

CRAZY BUT MAGIC POWER~~~~~ YEEEY FOR JUMP BAND!!!! I like this cute song and also the PV (>,<). It's a colorful PV yo with classic-weird-cute costume (no offense) lol. Yellow Yuto!!! I'm just too focus looking at powerful-flawless-awesome Yuto in the back with the drums. KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! SO MANY NAKACHII (MY OTP) MOMENTSSSSS!!!! I'M A HAPPY NEECHAN YO~ LOL XDDD Yuto Kisses Chii's right hand in Nagoya concert (?) Idk, I haven't downloaded the file and yet my Magic Power haven't arrived. Do you want to see the pic(s)? Do you? I'll show you yooooo~

I think it's enough for this time. I have something to do (playing game and fangirling LOL of course doing my assingments dude! XD)
See you~ (^~^)/



I’m asdfghjkl crazy-frustrated when I see a post (oh some posts) which shares something (video, song, oh whatever) that I want to download and in the last sentence, it shows an asdfghjkl sentence like this, “it’ll be locked after 24 hours.” or something like that. OH MY! /cries /orz